Chuck Tylor my best friend

Muddy trails or the sun shining bright, my most traveled companion are my Chuck Taylor shoes! They are old, but most popular. Are they expensive like the Nike or Fila? Well, they are not.

My first pair gave me a sense of childhood freedom, I had drained its life by playing basketball and what not, you name it! My lovely kind hearted friends have even used my shoes as a football just to kill their boredom… My Chuck Taylor has gone through a lot of sufferings including being torn apart, dirty as hell and if I had an option I would have admitted it to an ICU (sew them up) yet they are always my shoe of the moment.

What really brings a smile on my face is, the fact when I wear the crap outta them and make it dirty… Every tiny dust particles that stick with my shoe gives me a sense of feeling that I am getting closer to the ‘Chuck Taylor’ over growing family. My second pair is in the process of meeting the ICU soon… my Mom might come to its rescue by making me wash them once in a while.

Chuck Taylor

Despite the fact that other sneakers soon lose their popularity, ‘All Star’ maintains the same trend for the past 100 years and yet so close to the new generation. I bet you more than half of the concert goers would prefer Chuck Taylor over the American Tennis shoe.

Be it a bicycle rider or a bike rider, the classic colorful design highlights the colorfulness on you! They do come with over 500 varieties and designs, my all time favorite being the ‘high top classic black.’

Is there any brands you admire? Comment below and let me know.


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