Bangalore – City of Dreams

This city can party till 1 in the night and has never closed its doors to anyone. With millions of dreams and aspirations, where is the time to sleep?

Once described as the Garden City and Pensioner’s Paradise though it no longer applies, it’s now popularly known as the Silicon Valley of India. Bangalore is the capital city of Indian state Karnataka. Bangalore is 3,000 ft above the sea level which allows the city to enjoy a pleasant climate throughout the year.

This city has so much to offer for those who wish to see. Referred to as the Pub Capital of India it has over 800 pubs, It has India’s best Universities and colleges, and active night life. All these reflect the young people who live here. A lot of music bands from any part of the world love to perform in Bangalore and we Bangaloreans have a special place and love to Iron Maiden (so does Iron Maiden!)

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Alright, Alright, Alright! This is real! I have been nominated for Liebster! Thank you Jess for the nomination! Guys, If Melbourne is where you want to visit Ordinary Girl Extraordinary Dreamer is where you need to click.

Answers to the questions asked by Jess;

1. Why did you start blogging?
I realized I need some space for my thoughts. It is so uneasy when your thoughts are just floating. No matter the reason why we blog, we need to share and connect with other bloggers. Online blogging crosses boundaries and we get to make new friends.

2. Where in the world do you most want to visit?
Brazil is the place!

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Plight of a Indian Visa Applicant.

Indian Passport

Indian Passport


My previous blog What Am I Doing in my 20’s? primarily focussed on how one should travel before its too late. In- case you hold a American or European Union country passport all you have to do is carry your passport,  backpack, book a flight and travel (sounds adventures). Ever wondered the situation in India? It’s not exactly a easy process. One will certainly bang his head reading the 101 visa application questions (metaphor). You feel the whole concept of backpacking and travelling is put in a coffin and buried 6 feet under.

Indeed we have 52 countries [sic] which provide us with visa on-arrival where as, a British Citizen enjoys 173  countries with a single passport! (that’s a lot of travelling one can do!). An aspiring solo backpacker in India who wish to travel far west would require to show his bank statement, salary certificate and accommodation. After submission of the documents the fun begins. The time frame to get the visa approved, the running around the embassy with sleepless nights. Until and unless you enjoy planning, which I don’t.

Its rare you meet Indian backpackers, though there’s nothing mystical or paranormal about us. People are curious when you show them your Indian passport which is a good way to kickstart a conversation. But the best part is you get to break the ice.

On a brighter note, our passports will have colourful pages, its more like a reward for all the troubles you have faced just for a travel visa. Travelling on a Indian passport is not bad after all.! 🙂

Keep Travelling, Keep Learning

What Am I Doing in my 20’s?

A wink of an eye, I realize my teenage days are over, at 18 you feel you are young forever. Sadly, you won’t. Time’s running much faster than before!

20’s are the perfect age for one to solo travel. You are young, your muscles are in shape, and you don’t have kids (I suppose so), so what’s better time to travel than now. You are free to dream and explore and most importantly you are ‘INDEPENDENT’.  Life is not meant to be lived in one place. Boarders can’t be crossed if you’re home and your bum is on the couch with a remote in your hand. Travel as much as you can, as far as you can, and as long as you can.

Here are the reasons why you must travel solo;

  1. You will figure out what makes you happy.
  2. You make new friends, expand your social network. Some might fall in love, others will be your 5 minute friend.
  3. You have all the energy in the world to party till the suns comes up.
  4. You got the time to learn so much about yourself. You take your own decisions without the voice of another person.
  5. Ever slept in an 18 bedroom house with people snoring from everywhere with music surround system? Well, they are called popularly called Youth Hostels. Its where people you meet with the same agenda as yours who budget travel. You learn to get out of your comfort  zone.
  6. You learn a foreign language.
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Travel Journal – A Souvenir in itself

What does one get travelling? I place my bet on memories. The places we have visited, the people we have met. Certainly without taking back the memories it would be pointless. A travel journal is the most important thing a backpacker needs. Some keep the memories alive by taking photos and videos. Perhaps some bring souvenirs.

Some backpackers have the habit of taking notes. Sometimes it’s just a one liner that you wrote during your travel, it will bring a smile on your face. What you write might not mean anything to anyone but it means everything to you. It’s quite possible that we can forget as time passes, but the written words will always be there. The question remains through backpacking have you changed at all, or have you come to change? And what did you learn?

I happened to get my first travel journey through Amazon; the shipping costs just tore my pants. It’s a magnetic note book, good quality paper. I liked it! It has a little pocket at the back where you can store all your itinerary and entry tickets and you got them forever there.

Travel Journal

Travel Journal

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