Travel Journal – A Souvenir in itself

What does one get travelling? I place my bet on memories. The places we have visited, the people we have met. Certainly without taking back the memories it would be pointless. A travel journal is the most important thing a backpacker needs. Some keep the memories alive by taking photos and videos. Perhaps some bring souvenirs.

Some backpackers have the habit of taking notes. Sometimes it’s just a one liner that you wrote during your travel, it will bring a smile on your face. What you write might not mean anything to anyone but it means everything to you. It’s quite possible that we can forget as time passes, but the written words will always be there. The question remains through backpacking have you changed at all, or have you come to change? And what did you learn?

I happened to get my first travel journey through Amazon; the shipping costs just tore my pants. It’s a magnetic note book, good quality paper. I liked it! It has a little pocket at the back where you can store all your itinerary and entry tickets and you got them forever there.

Travel Journal

Travel Journal

Travel Journal

Travel Journal

You don’t need a fortune to buy a travel journal, it can be a note pad, write as much as you can.

A travel journal is certainly like a wine, the more older, the more valuable

Keep Travelling, Keep Learning
Happy Travels!


2 thoughts on “Travel Journal – A Souvenir in itself

  1. Good post! I have a travel journal is a small notebook which i wrote info of hotels, places..then of course travel diary! Funny that nowadays i bring laptop during my trip but still feel comfy with handwriting journal..😉

    • Travel journals are certainly memories .. One fine day, we will certainly look back to the journals remembering the good old travel days 🙂 ha ha, technology I say! 🙂

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