What Am I Doing in my 20’s?

A wink of an eye, I realize my teenage days are over, at 18 you feel you are young forever. Sadly, you won’t. Time’s running much faster than before!

20’s are the perfect age for one to solo travel. You are young, your muscles are in shape, and you don’t have kids (I suppose so), so what’s better time to travel than now. You are free to dream and explore and most importantly you are ‘INDEPENDENT’.  Life is not meant to be lived in one place. Boarders can’t be crossed if you’re home and your bum is on the couch with a remote in your hand. Travel as much as you can, as far as you can, and as long as you can.

Here are the reasons why you must travel solo;

  1. You will figure out what makes you happy.
  2. You make new friends, expand your social network. Some might fall in love, others will be your 5 minute friend.
  3. You have all the energy in the world to party till the suns comes up.
  4. You got the time to learn so much about yourself. You take your own decisions without the voice of another person.
  5. Ever slept in an 18 bedroom house with people snoring from everywhere with music surround system? Well, they are called popularly called Youth Hostels. Its where people you meet with the same agenda as yours who budget travel. You learn to get out of your comfort  zone.
  6. You learn a foreign language.
  7. Party all night and bring the craziness out of you.
  8. You get to see new places, new culture. It’s beautiful to see the moon from the other side of the world.
  9. You will have a foreign friend.
  10. Life won’t be the same life before. Your conversation shall get deeper.. You see things differently than rest of the people.

Travelling will capture the magic that no camera can capture. You are young only once. You getting to meet people face to face would do good. The so called social media which keeps you in a closed environment shall only lessen your imagination and creativity.

So here it is! Might be a scary experience but the whole fun is you not sure what happens next. You tackle your own situation, figure out whats best for you and you will feel good.

Keep Travelling, Keep Learning

Happy Travels!


9 thoughts on “What Am I Doing in my 20’s?

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      • I couldn’t agree more, Jackson, age is just a number…my parents are in their sixties, and you should see how enthusiastic they always are about travelling and exploring new places! I guess I get my itchy-toes from them 😉

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