Plight of a Indian Visa Applicant.

Indian Passport

Indian Passport


My previous blog What Am I Doing in my 20’s? primarily focussed on how one should travel before its too late. In- case you hold a American or European Union country passport all you have to do is carry your passport,  backpack, book a flight and travel (sounds adventures). Ever wondered the situation in India? It’s not exactly a easy process. One will certainly bang his head reading the 101 visa application questions (metaphor). You feel the whole concept of backpacking and travelling is put in a coffin and buried 6 feet under.

Indeed we have 52 countries [sic] which provide us with visa on-arrival where as, a British Citizen enjoys 173  countries with a single passport! (that’s a lot of travelling one can do!). An aspiring solo backpacker in India who wish to travel far west would require to show his bank statement, salary certificate and accommodation. After submission of the documents the fun begins. The time frame to get the visa approved, the running around the embassy with sleepless nights. Until and unless you enjoy planning, which I don’t.

Its rare you meet Indian backpackers, though there’s nothing mystical or paranormal about us. People are curious when you show them your Indian passport which is a good way to kickstart a conversation. But the best part is you get to break the ice.

On a brighter note, our passports will have colourful pages, its more like a reward for all the troubles you have faced just for a travel visa. Travelling on a Indian passport is not bad after all.! 🙂

Keep Travelling, Keep Learning


11 thoughts on “Plight of a Indian Visa Applicant.

  1. Ohhh..I know the an Indonesian passport holder, I do have to apply visa to most countries I visit. I would like to visit US and Australia but sincerely the troubles of getting visa make me think twice..meanwhile there are more countries with friendlier procedure and attractive places to visit..

  2. I didn’t want to go through the hassle. So for now travelling the length and breadth of India for which I don’t even need a passport. I am an Indian and I also backpack.

  3. Filipinos face the same challenges when getting visas! I applied for a US visa once and they denied my application simply because I didn’t have enough “ties” to my country — the usual ties being a spouse, kids, property, fat bank accounts. They don’t even have to prove you want to stay illegally in their country; they just profile you. Guilty until proven innocent. Luckily the Schengen countries have broader minds.

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