Bangalore – City of Dreams

This city can party till 1 in the night and has never closed its doors to anyone. With millions of dreams and aspirations, where is the time to sleep?

Once described as the Garden City and Pensioner’s Paradise though it no longer applies, it’s now popularly known as the Silicon Valley of India. Bangalore is the capital city of Indian state Karnataka. Bangalore is 3,000 ft above the sea level which allows the city to enjoy a pleasant climate throughout the year.

This city has so much to offer for those who wish to see. Referred to as the Pub Capital of India it has over 800 pubs, It has India’s best Universities and colleges, and active night life. All these reflect the young people who live here. A lot of music bands from any part of the world love to perform in Bangalore and we Bangaloreans have a special place and love to Iron Maiden (so does Iron Maiden!)

Once the sun goes down, the streets are colorful. Men and women like to hang out in their neighborhood, with cafes and restaurants every corner. This is a perfect city for anyone with a big appetite.

Personally for me, this is the city of friendship, we meet people from different walks of life. People from different state and cities come to Bangalore. Reminds me what a friend of mine once told me “If you want to see India, you come to Bangalore.”
Multi-cultural city, people from almost all states come here to work and study and some make this home. But the whole concept of what brings us all together is oneness.


Bangalore – Ice N Spice

Bangaloreans are cool like a cucumber, so is the city. The extraordinary city is a hub for games, culture, art and technology. You will not find one reason not to fall in love with this place.

Here’s a small glimpse of a video from YouTube showing happy Bangalore dancing to the tunes of Pharrell Williams – Happy

This is home for me, this is where I belong.

Keep Travelling, Keep Learning


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