Incredible India

We celebrated our 68th Independence day on August 15th, we have come a long way given the time and the journey, our achievements are remarkable.

Green mountains, rich fascinating history, The Himalayas, Cricket, Bollywood, Street food, Taj Mahal, Yoga, and so much more… India is certainly a destination to be visited, every day you encounter something you have never faced before.  In India you can experience cultural difference in every region. Continue reading

Am I running away?

First thing first, I remember the first time telling my mom I want to solo travel and the response was pretty quick than I expected “Are you Mad?”

You really can’t complain your parents as they always wish the best and our safety is their first priority. But, sometimes we need to live our dream; it’s too late to bury the passion that grows everyday in us. We are certainly not running away from the problems but rather experiencing the world.

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‘Fishing Gone Wrong’

It’s 7 p.m and we decided to have crabs for dinner. The only solution, go to the beach and catch some crabs. I am not a great fan of fishing nor have I attempted. However, it’s worth a try. The beauty about Al Khumra beach in Jeddah is, we can walk up to a kilometer in the water to catch fishes. It did sound crazy initially. Well, I was all set.

Half way in the sea water, butterflies in my stomach were no match to my sweat. I witnessed some crazy looking fishes and other creatures staring at me but I was eager to catch the big ones and unfortunately I could not find them or I guess they could not find me!

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Bangalore – Sun Shining, Rain and Rain, and then what?

This is it! I am at my favourite city, my home Bangalore.The weather rules here. The sounds of Bangalore, the chaotic traffic, the smell of rich Udupi filter, and the active life here certainly makes you feel home.

The thick mallu accent (Keralites Accent) always fills the space here. A lot of people from Kerala and other parts of India have made this home. This is the city I was born, studied and worked. No matter which part of the planet I stay, there can never be a place like home.

Bangalore Airport

Bangalore Airport

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