Bangalore – Sun Shining, Rain and Rain, and then what?

This is it! I am at my favourite city, my home Bangalore.The weather rules here. The sounds of Bangalore, the chaotic traffic, the smell of rich Udupi filter, and the active life here certainly makes you feel home.

The thick mallu accent (Keralites Accent) always fills the space here. A lot of people from Kerala and other parts of India have made this home. This is the city I was born, studied and worked. No matter which part of the planet I stay, there can never be a place like home.

Bangalore Airport

Bangalore Airport

The weather was so unpredictable this year. You look out and it’s a bright sunny morning, birds creeping and the very evening the whole city turns grey. Since most Bangaloreans prefer 2 wheelers to avoid the Silicon Valley rush at 5 in the evening, it’s a mess to ride in the rain knowing that you are already late for to the party (lucky you if it’s a pool party).

For some yes, it does sound romantic singing “Rain, Rain, Rain, come again and again.” and special Thank you to Woody Allen, for making rain a happy ending in “Midnight in Paris.” Woody Allen must consider riding a bike in Bangalore and he would never even think of making rain a happy ending in-case he considers making a movie in Bangalore…

The multi-cultural atmosphere adds so much richness to the city making Bangalore India’s most livable city.

Keep Travelling, Keep Learning

Glimpse of Bangalore.

Sankey Tank - Bangalore

Sankey Tank – Bangalore

Infant Jesus Church Bangalore

Infant Jesus Church Bangalore


NICE Road Bangalore Drive


NICE Road Bangalore Drive


NICE Road Bangalore Drive


NICE Road Bangalore Drive


The man who claims he is a RIDER.




NICE Road Bangalore Drive


NICE Road Bangalore Drive


NICE Road Bangalore Drive


NICE Road Bangalore Drive


NICE Road Bangalore Drive


NICE Road Bangalore Drive

Car Drive

Car Drive – Neighbourhood boys

Riders on the Road.

Riders on the Road.


13 thoughts on “Bangalore – Sun Shining, Rain and Rain, and then what?

  1. You would not just fall in love with this city only for climate but also for many other things…. Namma Bengaluru Enjoy Maddi!!!

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