‘Fishing Gone Wrong’

It’s 7 p.m and we decided to have crabs for dinner. The only solution, go to the beach and catch some crabs. I am not a great fan of fishing nor have I attempted. However, it’s worth a try. The beauty about Al Khumra beach in Jeddah is, we can walk up to a kilometer in the water to catch fishes. It did sound crazy initially. Well, I was all set.

Half way in the sea water, butterflies in my stomach were no match to my sweat. I witnessed some crazy looking fishes and other creatures staring at me but I was eager to catch the big ones and unfortunately I could not find them or I guess they could not find me!

6 of us attempted to get a couple of crabs and now the fun begins! The Saudi Marine Forces, with bright lights focused on us and loud speakers called us back to the shore. Half of us scared whether they are going to beat us up and the other half making fun in the group. It was total chaos among us. We reached the shore, our vehicles were checked and we were escorted to the station for further questioning.

Al Khumra Beach

Al Khumra Beach

Al Khumra Beach

Al Khumra Beach

Fishing Partners in Crime

Fishing Partners in Crime

We were made to wait for an hour to do background check if we were smugglers. Unfortunately, the results showed we were not! We were warned that people cross the border to smuggle illegal drugs to the Kingdom and they just assumed we were one among them! I never realized I had a smugglers face and looks and finally they decided to let us go. Count of 3 we vanished thanking we were not strip searched.

I have come clean now! Confirmed no criminal records!

Keep Travelling, Keep Learning AND Learn Fishing.



14 thoughts on “‘Fishing Gone Wrong’

  1. Bro Moral of the story. Next time do a study of the place u want to go fishing. Safer to fish in Ur own country waters.

  2. Lol 😀 You weren’t scared of the ‘crazy looking fishes and other creatures staring’ at you but you were shit scared of being strip searched! 😀 LOL Amusing experience for sure man 😛

    • I still remember, it was a crazy day with crazy fishes looking at you! 🙂 I am sure non of us wanted to stand in the queue waiting to be strip searched 😉
      Thank you for dropping by 🙂

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