Am I running away?

First thing first, I remember the first time telling my mom I want to solo travel and the response was pretty quick than I expected “Are you Mad?”

You really can’t complain your parents as they always wish the best and our safety is their first priority. But, sometimes we need to live our dream; it’s too late to bury the passion that grows everyday in us. We are certainly not running away from the problems but rather experiencing the world.

Life is not meant to be lived in one place. Traveling, you get time to learn so much about yourself and take decisions without the voice of another person. Travelling is taking that leap of faith and having the courage to do it.

In general, the perception is we are running away from our responsibilities and we have no intention to settle down. Certainly ‘traveling’ doesn’t define we will not fall in love and settle later.

When you are 25 they want you to join the real world. Could someone please define what the ‘real world’ that everyone talks about? The 9-5 job, the burdens placed on us, bills to pay, promotions at work, due dates, getting married, 6 digit bank balance statement are too much for the little time we have on earth. On the other hand 9-5 job can be the only reason for us to dream about travel. The month end salary which credits to our bank account is what drives us to experience the other side of the world.

In our Indian upbringing, permission to travel solo requires a huge sacrifice. Initially gain their confidence that, we will come back without any trouble, body parts in order, and finally a promise that we will be in contact every day. Well, that’s not too much to ask as we live in the era of modern technology. Every traveler must learn balancing our connection at “home”.

I guess nobody wants to regret the time we lost and wishing that we could get it back. The crazy memories, travel journals, the wonderful friends we made along our way, the different cultures and the funny moments are something that I want to look back and tell my grand children.

I want to be captain of my ship and live life doing the right things.

The powerful and beautiful quote that inspired me was from the movie The Way (2010) –

“You don’t choose a life, you live one.”

Keep Travelling, Keep Learning


The Way (2010)

The Way (2010)


13 thoughts on “Am I running away?

  1. I couldn’t agree more. I have also expressed my discontent with the words “real world” several times on my own blog. The term “Real World” is so ego-centric implying that to be successful, you have to follow in the speakers footprints. They will often pass judgement on your “inferior” choices, regardless if their happy with their lives or not.

  2. Interesting post Jackson, and well said! I always think traveling is actually part of the real world where you actually encounter different culture and how to tolerate them, meeting various characters, nature and making friends. Thus I don’t understand if the real world should be measured by settling down 🙂

  3. Good post Jackson. Its Ur turn now. The so called restrictions made me literally ‘run away’ to travel. But u have the permission. Make the best of it bro. Live life to the fullest and love life.

  4. Thanks for your message on my blog!! Sure, we gotta live our own life, not the life of other’s expectation! And traveling doesn’t need to spend much, I got a few tips on my blog that you can read as reference!! cheers mate! keep hitting the road!

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