Incredible India

We celebrated our 68th Independence day on August 15th, we have come a long way given the time and the journey, our achievements are remarkable.

Green mountains, rich fascinating history, The Himalayas, Cricket, Bollywood, Street food, Taj Mahal, Yoga, and so much more… India is certainly a destination to be visited, every day you encounter something you have never faced before.  In India you can experience cultural difference in every region.

India is certainly not a destination to travel with a plan. Every sunrise will show you a new way to navigate and lead you to an unforgettable adventure. India is just not about elephants, tigers, holy cows, snake charmer and monkeys but there are more beautiful things to do in India.

India attracts a lot of backpackers and some seeking spiritual pilgrimage. It is easy to make friends and the most of the people are genuine. From train rides to cafes, people are social. We are packed with over a billion people and we plan to overtake China very soon 🙂 If you are travelling solo, you are never alone.

Certainly India is crazy and overwhelming. Like any destination it requires precaution and a bit background check on the destination you visit is a must.

Travelling India is a trip of a lifetime.
Keep Travelling, Keep Learning

Here’s a short video by Rajiv Satyal, a well-known stand up comedian in the U.S, explains India and Indians to the rest of the world.



4 thoughts on “Incredible India

  1. That’s why I visited India. Simply because it is an incredible country! I still have to return to visit some more areas in India though. Great video by Rajiv Satyal, it is very touching and funny at the same time – very inspiring and I hope that will inspire the rest of the country…

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