Chikmagalur – Trekking and Camping

Unforgettable experience in my life, Green everywhere and waterfall at their glorious best. #adventures drive.

To sit on top of the mountain with no thoughts and no tensions . You listen to your breath and your body moves along.
Nature at its best. Sun shinning bright and the wind blowing hard as you reach the top. This is the point when you realize, how beautifully has GOD painted this wonderful planet for us to fall in love with ourselves  and love each-other over and over again.

Keep Travelling, Keep Learning


Morning Sunrise

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Country Map – Turkey

Turkey Outline

This is how Turkey looks.

This is an evidence for my journey. Decent outline, maybe not the best art.
It’s always worth to map out your journey ahead of time. This will avoid the first stressful hours wondering how to start.

Keep Travelling, Keep Learning

Dubai – City of Gold

Dubai - City of Gold

Dubai – City of Gold

Or commonly referred as Gold Souk is located in the heart of Dubai’s commercial district in Deira. This place is lined up with hundreds of jewellery stores. Here you can find Guinness Book of World Record’s largest gold ring worth 3M$. That’s one hell of ring we are talking about and they are too big to fit your pinky finger! and it weights 64 kilograms ( I need to hit the gym right now to lift that piece of cake).  Continue reading

One Lovely Blog Award!



Awards! Awards! I am so happy! A big thank you Karen of Live Wander Love for nominating me. Karen is one of my blog friends and though she lives on the other side of the world and we never crossed paths, I always enjoy her posts as they inspire me. To everyone else, please do visit Karen’s blog, there’s lot of good reading there!

I am glad I am able to pass this torch to other bloggers who really inspire everyday with their new posts.

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