Dubai – City of Gold

Dubai - City of Gold

Dubai – City of Gold

Or commonly referred as Gold Souk is located in the heart of Dubai’s commercial district in Deira. This place is lined up with hundreds of jewellery stores. Here you can find Guinness Book of World Record’s largest gold ring worth 3M$. That’s one hell of ring we are talking about and they are too big to fit your pinky finger! and it weights 64 kilograms ( I need to hit the gym right now to lift that piece of cake). 

Guinness World Records Certificate

Guinness World Records Certificate

World's Largest Ring

World’s Largest Ring

If you are a lover of Gold or if you are a budget traveler, this is a must visit place and my advise to men, its better you hold the hand of your partner as the magnetic force just pulls them into the stores 🙂 (we are talking about 100’s of Jewellery stores).

The place is crowded with people who try to sell you fake designer brands that you might have never heard, just politely say ‘NO’ if you are not interested.

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