Country Map – Turkey

Turkey Outline

This is how Turkey looks.

This is an evidence for my journey. Decent outline, maybe not the best art.
It’s always worth to map out your journey ahead of time. This will avoid the first stressful hours wondering how to start.

Keep Travelling, Keep Learning


18 thoughts on “Country Map – Turkey

  1. Hey if you can you should try to get to Patara. It’s a really special little town, PLUS an ancient city ruin PLUS an amazing, kms long white sand beach. I was there for a week this summer. 🙂

    • Never knew such a place existed! I really enjoyed reading your adventure at Patara, certainly a must visit place. I have a feasible itinerary. I hope time permits. 🙂 Thanks for sharing.

    • I never even in my wildest dream thought I would travel Turkey one day.. I am sure you will get a chance very soon.. Indeed its good to outline at least to have a idea how the country looks in the map 🙂

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