Chora Museum / Kariye Museum

Walking around in circles, I knew I was not far away from the stunning building that I was searching for. Istanbul is indeed a treasure hunt. This building is considered as one of the most beautiful surviving example of Byzantine (Roman Empire) Church. This was built in the 5th century, later destroyed by earthquakes and then re-built in 11th century. In the 16th century it was converted into a mosque and in 1948 it became a museum. Sounds familiar to the Hagia Sophia right?


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Cruising the Bosphorus – Europe and Asia

Though I was not very excited about cruising along the Bosphorus, A lady selling a ticket worth 15 Euro for 10 Euro caught my attention and the next second I was on the boat.

I was really excited seeing the boat and since I assume I am the worth swimmer on-board, I walked like a pro smiling at everyone.



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Topkapı Palace – Istanbul

This was the residence of the Ottoman Empire for approximately 400 years and today its one of the most popular sights of Istanbul. This place is the classical example of the Turkish architecture. Did you know the palace occupies 700,000 sq. m? And it has received 1 million visitors in 2013 for the first time in history?. Luckily when I went, the place was not crowded and I did not have to wait in the line for long.


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