Topkapı Palace – Istanbul

This was the residence of the Ottoman Empire for approximately 400 years and today its one of the most popular sights of Istanbul. This place is the classical example of the Turkish architecture. Did you know the palace occupies 700,000 sq. m? And it has received 1 million visitors in 2013 for the first time in history?. Luckily when I went, the place was not crowded and I did not have to wait in the line for long.


I got my passes, I walk in and it was jaw-dropping view, I didn’t notice the exit sign, I walk with the crowd and I am out in 3 minutes. I reached the spot where I began, I just looked around and asked myself “what the hell just happened?” The staff understood that I was certainly not a SUPERMAN to see the whole palace in 3 minutes and allowed me enter again.

I walk in again and my jaws dropped again, My excitement had no limits but never expected I would be exhausted later. The palace is massive and if you not with a guide you can avail an audio guide at the entrance.

The palace consists of the First Court, Second Court, Harem, Third Court, Treasury and Fourth Court.

To visit the Haram, you need to buy a dedicated ticket. The haram was the private area for the sultans and his family, this consists of 400 rooms. The sultan’s mother also known as “Queen Mother” she had more influence on the affairs of the state though the sultan was the king. She gets to select the sultan’s wife and since I was surrounded by a lot of tourists from the west, they happened to get excited as the mother gets to select the bride-to-be, I never felt excited as it happens a lot in the Indian community… 🙂


View of Marmara Sea and the Asian side

At the museum you will see a lot sacred relics and collection of objects made and decorated by gold, silver, pearls, diamonds and many more jewels. The sacred relics consists of The Topkapi Dagger, The Spoonmaker’s Diamond, The arm of John the Baptist, and to make this place more interesting it  even have the Staff of Moses.

There were moments I really enjoyed seeing so much history and was certainly exhausted walking too much. You need to whole day to enjoy seeing the history of this palace and this was one memorable moment and experience in my life.

I recommend wearing comfortable shoes as you have to walk a long way and having a good camera you can capture amazing photos of this amazing history and palace.

With Christmas and New Year are just round the corner,  and most of you’ll will be bringing in Christmas and New Year before me or after me and so I’d like to wish you and the family Happy Christmas and Happy New Year with many more to come.

Keep Travelling, Keep Learning

Happy Holidays


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14 thoughts on “Topkapı Palace – Istanbul

    • Thank you Sophie! I hope you get a chance to visit Istanbul very soon.. It’s a b-e-a-u-tiful city… I really had a good time going through your blog and I really like the header on your blog page.. 🙂

  1. One of the highlights of my trip to Istanbul…. would love to go back and see this place again… I am sure there was more to see.

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