Where It All Began


Date: September 19, 2011. The advice I got from my cousin Jinson is “Don’t get excited and ever put your hands and legs outside the airplane window.” And that’s one piece of an advice which I wish to pass to my children one day (fingers crossed). Getting on a flight was the coolest thing and I still feel the same every time I climb aboard a plane now. Never did I know taking a bold step to work abroad will bring a change in my life and be the person who I am today.

Being a mama’s boy at the age of 21 (not necessarily a bad thing unless you have a mother-in-law)

  • I hardly know to cook, forget cooking I don’t even know how a tea is made.
  • What the hell is laundry?
  • At 21 and I still live with my mom
  • My mom is a supermom (Don’t you ever argue on that or a fist fight awaits)
  • I love shopping with her! Continue reading