Mommy’s Day

Today isn’t about me and my travels nor am I blogging about what I carry in my rucksack nor the backpackers I meet during my travels. Today is about one person who sacrificed her happiness to make our dreams come true.

I always wonder what are my mom’s secret. How exactly did she do it? Raising 2 children all by herself. Keeping us motivated and giving us the best of education, teaching us to honest and to give back to the society. And the answer to the question is I don’t know.

Mommies are Special

Mommy’s Special Day – Lil Sister got Graduated


She has always given us the permission to chase our dreams and back in those difficult days she ensured we had the best clothing and education. She hardly made us realize how much she sacrificed her life and worked hard all day. Every time when I think back of the difficult times she has gone through, I ponder can I ever repay all this?  Continue reading