Mommy’s Day

Today isn’t about me and my travels nor am I blogging about what I carry in my rucksack nor the backpackers I meet during my travels. Today is about one person who sacrificed her happiness to make our dreams come true.

I always wonder what are my mom’s secret. How exactly did she do it? Raising 2 children all by herself. Keeping us motivated and giving us the best of education, teaching us to honest and to give back to the society. And the answer to the question is I don’t know.

Mommies are Special

Mommy’s Special Day – Lil Sister got Graduated


She has always given us the permission to chase our dreams and back in those difficult days she ensured we had the best clothing and education. She hardly made us realize how much she sacrificed her life and worked hard all day. Every time when I think back of the difficult times she has gone through, I ponder can I ever repay all this? 

She has taught us to be independent and also made me and my sister to learn living life outside of our comfort zone. When we were kids she taught us to tie our shoelaces, look both ways before crossing the road, close your mouth & chew food, and after watching WWE don’t you ever wrestle with your little sister. Today I and my sister both have full-time job. Every evening after work we believe in the concept of sharing our daily stories and in-fact she listens with so much interest and there is no one I can go to in search of advice and motivation.

I remember this incident once when we happened to buy a two-wheeler for the first time during my college days, it was a Sunday afternoon, she tells me that she wants to learn to drive a two-wheeler and at first I asked her do you know you are in your 40’s and she tells me “My wonderful days are in my 40’s.” She went for 2 weeks class and I believe that she almost learnt to ride and though she quit after ramping the vehicle through the stairs once. I still feel proud driving her anywhere she wants to go.

She is a strong women and she is good taking quick decisions. She has always been the center of jokes and even though she is her 50’s today she is still young at heart and can laugh till her stomach pains. She has a nice sense of humor which makes our house filled with laughter and fun.

I learnt to walk holding your hands and today I am 26 and still love walking holding your hands. Happy Mothers’ Day Maa.

A shout out to all super moms’! No matter the distance, give a call. Chuck your calories count and take her out for a nice dinner.


Keep Traveling, Keep Learning
Love and Peace


2 thoughts on “Mommy’s Day

  1. I often think the children of single mothers turn out to have some of their mothers’ fierce determination. I think there’s a special bond, an understanding, and resourcefulness that carries over to children raised by strong, independent mothers. Sounds like she did an incredible job.

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