Why do I solo travel?

I love being foreign. Being an Indian and when I come back home, I still want to be foreign. Never in my wildest dream did I see me developing a passion to travel and meeting people. I think everyone should solo travel at least one point in life.


Why Solo travel?

  1. Your journey, your rules. You don’t have to compromise.
  2. Conquering your fears.
  3. Boost your confidence.
  4. You become more of a listener than a speaker.
  5. You begin to appreciate things that have existed and hardly noticed.
  6. You immerse yourself with the new culture, customs and language.
  7. Exploring new places by yourself.
  8. You are solely responsible for all the fucked up decisions you make.
  9. Always remember ‘Because you are awesome’

Blue Mosque – Istanbul

The friends you make! – Pamplona ,Spain

Eiffel Tower – Paris


Running of the bulls – San Fermín Festival


Solo travel can make you leave your old grumpy side and be another you. Never be afraid to bite the bullet and travel alone. Stepping aside your comfort zones can only make you a stronger person.

Do not hold yourself back from living your dream. We live only once and certainly you don’t want to regret one day wishing you had a time machine.

I am ready to go wherever the wind blows. Are you?

Keep traveling, keep learning.