Golden Sand and Sea – Sri Lanka

Ayubowan from Sri Lanka!!

Sri Lanakan Airlines

Sri Lankan Airlines

25 minutes drive from the airport; here I am at Negombo early morning 6. It’s a beachy little area with coconut trees everywhere and greenery at its best. Note: Nature’s beauty remains un-spoilt.

First time solo travelling and this is an experience I would cherish all my life. I get to meet the local culture and there’s nothing to hold me back. I am certainly not a man with a schedule and would like to go where the roads lead me! But one has to cautious at all time, look around and take it all in!


Negombo, Sri Lanka


Negombo Beach, Sri Lanka


Negombo, Sri Lanka


Negombo, Sri Lanka


St. Sebastian’s Church. Negombo, Sri Lanka

I check-in at Paradise Holiday Village, which is located at the city of Negombo. Jet Lagged? Yes! The best way is to hit the streets before I snore to glory! The streets here are not crowded like rest of the cities. Tourists here are a centre of attraction as the stores offer high prices especially for us. 1$ here is 130 Sri Lankan Rupees.


Paradise Holiday Village, Negombo Sri Lanka


Paradise Holiday Village, Negombo Sri Lanka


Paradise Holiday Village, Negombo Sri Lanka


Paradise Holiday Village, Negombo Sri Lanka


Paradise Holiday Village, Negombo Sri Lanka


Paradise Holiday Village, Negombo Sri Lanka


Paradise Holiday Village, Negombo Sri Lanka

It’s wonderful to meet people along your way. They are warm and kind. Taught myself some Sinhala. If one wants to escape the city life, Negombo has so much to offer. The sun shins bright and the beach is less crowded, certainly not a place to teach your-self to swim. The currents are strong.


Negombo Beach, Sri Lanka


Negombo Beach, Sri Lanka


Negombo Beach, Sri Lanka


Negombo Beach, Sri Lanka


Rough Sea, If attempted to swim you can reach India without a Visa 🙂


Silent Beach, less crowded, Sun shinning bright


Negombo Beach, Sri Lanka


Rescue Team at your service.


Negombo Beach, Sri Lanka


Negombo Beach, Sri Lanka


The local prepares his net!


Negombo Beach, Sri Lanka

Being a brown guy I certainly don’t attract the Tuk-tuk hassle, I see the whites running for their lives. “Hello Sir? You want Tuk-tuk. Less price, full city…” Hello’s can be heard like a 3D music. You ponder whether it’s the Tuk-tuk man calling you or the man behind you on his phone.

It’s time for me to catch the next flight home! As the night blur by as I roll the taxi’s window, the restaurants light up and so does the city with colorful lights. As I head the airport I put Colombo to sleep. At the airport you can get foot and head massage each for 13$ for 20 min. Get pampered now as you may beat yourself to the pillar waiting in the Q for security check 🙂


Most of the pharmacies here have this adv, I am certainly not planning to write a blog on this 😉



This is the other side of me doing the monkey dance and I will never upload the stupid video 😉



It was always my desire to experience Business class at least once, much of hard work and savings in the last couple months has helped me to travel one-way. Feels good to be treated special.

When I look back on my time in Negombo, this is certainly not an action packed city, except the bus rides (the driver is a fan of oo7 series).

As I reach Bangalore, this city has always welcomed me with arms wide open. Lovely weather and kind hearted people.

Bangalore Airport

Bangalore Airport

Bangalore Airport

Bangalore Airport

Keep Travelling, Keep Learning


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